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At Pie Hole Marketing, we like to compare the order process to the baking of a pie. Is the metaphor trite? Maybe. But does it make complete sense? Yes. We break the order process down into six simple steps: Gather Ingredients, Prepare, Bake, Deliver, Enjoy, and Share!


Gather Ingredients

Your Pie Hole Marketing representative will discuss with you what ingredients you and your business need. Whether it is simply business cards, flyers, and a table cloth; or you need a trade show display with inflatable signs and a car wrap, we will determine what works best for you and your needs. You will be able to see an itemized estimate of all the ingredients we have discussed to choose which you would like to move forward with.



Once you have chosen which ingredients to order, your representative will work with you to prepare all necessary artwork for production. No artwork? Not a problem. Our Pie Hole Marketing Graphic Designers can help you turn your ideas into reality! The proofing process is simple; you will receive digital proofs of your items, and a simple approval will automatically push the items into production.



Just sit back and wait for us to do the hard work in this step. A Pie Hole Team Member will bake your order exactly to your specifications. We guarantee it!

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Whether you are around the corner or across the country, you will receive your order from one of our preferred logistics partners in a safe and timely manner.

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Once delivered, open your freshly-baked order and enjoy your custom Pie Hole Marketing materials.



Pies are big after allwe don’t see any harm in sharing a piece! That is why a portion of the revenue generated from your order will go to a charity of your choice.